The Store company was at the beginning established in Florence in 2005 as importer of Asian food products developing over the years its wide range of products from all over the world and becoming today leader in distribution all over Italy. In fact the company has always studied the demographic development in Europe and especially in Italy making constant efforts to meet the needs of a multi-ethnic cooking tradition, especially the Asian one. It imports products from CHINA, KOREA,THAILAND ,SINGAPORE,VIETNAM, GERMANY, FRANCE, HONG KONG, MALAYSIA.

Always considering the high quality level and the different customers requests, its range of products includes popular and precious rice, pastry, cereals, pasta, dressings, sauces, frozen fish, tea, juices, drinks and a large variety of snacks. The growing market research that is Store philosophy makes its name a well-known landmark of the Asian and worldwide food products. We deal with restaurants, supermarkets, bar, food markets, hotels, Tea shops and with all those who look for an exclusive product of the Oriental and European food tradition in Italy and Europe.

Moreover with its perfectly organised logistic equipment and the many located stock points,  Store plans daily deliveries in Italy as well as Europe.